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Falklands Conservation

Falklands Conservation is a local membership non-governmental organisation that works on behalf of our members and in partnership with the local and international community to conserve the natural environment of the Falklands for future generations. We carry out practical conservation action, promote conservation ambition with decision makers, and undertake community outreach. Our priority areas are; strengthening bio-security and invasive species policies and procedures, ensuring best practice for onshore and offshore developments, terrestrial habitat restoration and enhancing marine management.


2017 General Elections and the Environment

The natural environment of Falkland Islands, including our waters, underpins our principal industries and therefore all our livelihoods. Beyond that simple economic reality our natural environment and the wonderful creatures that we share our home with enrich our lives in so many other ways.

It is therefore important that the new Legislative Assembly strongly supports our environment.

So we are very pleased to be able to present the views of our Candidates for this election on a small selection of questions that Falklands Conservation believe are important for the coming term to add to the debate.

We thank the Candidates for having taken the time to answer these questions during a very busy time, and wish them all the best of luck.  Please download their responses here:   http://www.falklandsconservation.com/component/jdownloads/finish/89-habitat-restoration/741-candidate-mla-responses-to-nature-and-environment-questions-2017?Itemid=458

NB: as a charity, Falklands Conservation is strictly politically impartial and we do not have a view on which Candidates people should vote for. However, we do have an interest in what all Candidates have to say on nature and the environment, and that these issues are part of our national conversation. We urge Candidates to be as positive, imaginative and ambitious as possible on nature and the environment for the 2017-2021 Legislative Assembly.

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Falklands Conservation is a partner of BirdLife International, a worldwide network which aims to conserve wild birds, their habitats and global diversity.


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Rocky with Binoculars

Watch the antics of penguins on Falklands shores with David Schutt

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