Annual Report & Accounts


Our Charity
You can find out more about how and why Falklands Conservation was founded, our background and our achievements since 1979, in Our History.

Formal details of our legal structure and procedures as a UK company limited by guarantee and UK registered charity (a non-governmental, non-profit organisation) are included in Constitution. Our finances from 2001 are detailed in Annual Report & Accounts.

Our People
Falklands Conservation is run by a team of dedicated people including our Trustees, staff, members and volunteers. They are all vitally important in enabling us to undertake our conservation role protecting the wildlife of the Falkland Islands.


Chief Executive Officer - Dr Esther Bertram

Conservation Officer - Dr Andy Stanworth

Conservation Science Officer - Sarah Crofts

Office Manager - Farrah Peck

Community Engagement Manager - Liz Milston

Administrative Assistant - Vicky Collier

Project Staff -

Lower Plants Project Officer - Dafydd Crabtree

Raptor Officer - Micky Reeves

Habitat Restoration Project Officer - Dr Stuart Smith

Assistant Biodiversity Action Planner - Freya Gill

Herbarium Curator - Helen March

The Board of Trustees is elected from amongst our members. They are based both in the UK and in the Falkland Islands. There is a UK and a Falkland Islands Committee, which deal with operational matters in each country.


Trustees and Staff at the Strategic Review Workshop in October 2013

The current Trustees are:

Falkland Islands:

Steve Massam
Paul Brewin (Vice Chair)
Keith Biles (FI Treasurer)
Sally Blake
Jan Cheek
Roger Spink (FI Chairman)
Louise Taylor

Tom Blake

Ross James

Tim Carr
Colin Clubbe
John Croxall
David Spivack
Ian Moncrieff
Edward Maltby
Henry Robinson (UK Chairman)
Mandy Shepherd (UK Vice Chairman)
Tym Marsh (UKTreasurer)