1980 The Falkland Islands Trust (FIT) formed in the Islands.

1981 Twelve people are appointed to an Advisory Council, including Robin Woods, Julian Fitter and Ron Lewis Smith (who are still actively involved).

1982 Sir Peter Scott writes to Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher to express concern that military activity may cause unnecessary damage Falklands' wildlife. He receives a sympathetic response.

 Following the Argentine invasion and defeat (14 June) submissions are made to the Shackleton Economic Study. The Foundation becomes a membership organisation.

  pscottletter-1982b-lg               pscottletter-1982-lg

Peter Scott's letter and the Prime Minister's reply

1983 Simon Lyster is appointed part-time Secretary, based at WWF-UK. A report from Kevin Standring is commissioned on conservation issues after the Conflict outlining 20 Projects. First Newsletter issued. Robin Woods launches the Breeding Birds Survey, promoted locally Tom Davies, Chairman FIT.

1984 A wildlife poster is produced with the Ministry of Defence. The Foundation buys 7 islands in Falkland Sound and leases 9 islands around New Island from the Royal Society for Nature Conservation. Free-for-all fishing takes place in adjacent waters – 48 vessels within 150 miles. The wreck of the St Mary surveyed.

1985 FC acquires Outer NW Island and 2 islets on lease from Robert Gibbons. Preservation work on wreck of the Jhelum planned.

1986 Falkland Islands Conservation Zone is established for fishing waters around the Islands. Unexplained penguin deaths cause concern. A major Seabird Project begins, funded by the Falkland Islands Government and is undertaken by Kate Thompson and Dann Hale. Roger Wilson becomes Secretary in November 1986. FIF joins IUCN, the World Conservation Union. Sir Peter Scott stands down as Chairman and is succeeded by Sir Rex Hunt. First 'Trust News' produced.

1987 Fishing is controlled within the FICZ. Tourist information panels put up at Lodges. Tussac Islands survey started. 

1988 Dr Kate Thompson becomes Assistant Secretary, part of her time to be spent in the Islands. FC’s North Island struck by lightning. Penguin deaths in 1986 are attributed to a food shortage at a critical period of annual cycle in the research report An Investigation of Rockhopper Penguin Mortality in the Falklands during 1985-1986 Breeding Season by Dr Ian Keymer.

1989 Colin Phipps becomes Chairman. The booklets 'Wild Flowers of the Falkland Islands', 'Those were the Days' and the report An Assessment of the Potential for Competition between Seabirds and Fisheries in the Falkland Islands are published.

 a bbs-leaflet-1983-lg     b logger-1984-lg   c katethompson-1986-lg  d tussacgrass-1988-lg

(a) Breeding survey launched 1983. (b) The first in a series of Teachers' Notes produced 1984. (c) Kate Thompson measures an albatross chick as part of new seabird research programme. Tui de Roy 1986. (d) The report Tussac Grass in the Falklands is published 1988.