King_penguin_and_chick_Volunteer_Point_Falkland_IslandsAdopt a penguin for yourself or a friend and help us safeguard the future of these very special birds and tackle the threats they face in our world today.

All the birds for adoption are wild King Penguins living at Volunteer Point on East Falkland in the Falkland Islands, South Atlantic. This is one of the most northerly colonies for this bird in the world.

Your adoption will help us protect penguins here and throughout the Falkland Islands. You will be supporting this critically important work. We rescue oiled birds, ensure they have minimum disturbance when nesting and rearing their young, investigate outbreaks of infection and disease, and advise landowners and government on environmental safeguards. You will be funding research programmes to improve our understanding of these beautiful birds. (Visit here for more information on some of the current penguin research programmes)



Penguin Adoption Pack
Adoption for one year costs £25. We will send you a certificate, a leaflet about the colony at Volunteer Point, a penguin pin badge, a Newsletter (and a second one later in your adoption period), and a magazine about wildlife in the Falkland Islands. Delivery usually takes 3 - 5 days from order. 


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