Learning about and being a part of the natural environment is not only fun, but a way of connecting people to the world that surrounds them. Starting with tomorrow’s citizens and leaders, the Watch Group gets hands-on with the outdoors.

As the junior branch of Falklands Conservation, the WATCH Group has 60 members aged 7-14. Each month, a whole-group activity focuses on an aspect of the natural world, from crafts and presentations on raptors to creating recycle bins to beachcombing at a Christmas barbeque. The entire group participates in a mammoth camping trip at Elephant Beach Farm each year. And each member is invited on a small-group weekend trip to a remote part of the Falklands.

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The WATCH Group is generously sponsored by Standard Chartered Bank. For membership or other information on the WATCH Group contact Watch Group  


 Watch Group win runners-up in RSPB Best Youth Club Award 2012

Falklands Conservation's Watch Group achieved recognition for interest in their environment by becoming runners-up in the 2012 RSPB Club of the Year Competition

"Thank you for sending in such a great entry into the Club of the Year competition.I am delighted to announce that the Falklands Watch Group are the runners up in the competition. The judges thoroughly enjoyed reading about all the different activities that the club organises – you have access to some incredible wildlife and clearly the members of the group appreciate the opportunity to learn about such amazing creatures and diverse habitats. "

Lesley Nundy, RSPB Youth Officer 2012

RSPB runners-up 2012