Watch Group Star George

Watch Group Member George Lee is Featured in the Washington Post

Falkland Islander George Lee was interveiwed by journalists from the Washington Post recently, after meeting them on a Watch Group beach clean at Elephant Beach Farm.

Read the article here: Washington Post - Kids - Falkland Islands

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Gentoo Kleptoparasitism

 Gentoo Kleptoparasitism Caught on Camera!

Penguin eating fish

Jonathan Handley, a student of the Nelsen Mandela Metropolitan University, South Africa, visited the Falklands from 2011 – 2013 to study the diet and foraging ecology of gentoo penguins, his work supported by Falklands Conservation. Jonathan attached video cameras to the backs of the penguins as part of the foraging study, and great footage of gentoos hunting out at sea was gained, filmed by the penguins themselves! This footage included an incident of kleptoparasitism – one penguin stealing a catch from another, previously unknown behaviour for gentoos.


Penguin camera on backJonathan has published a paper outlining his findings, and an article is featured in the New Scientist!  

Read the article and watch the footage here: New Scientist - Penguins Filmed in Battle Over Squid





 Gentoo sporting the video camera

2014-2015 Review


Our latest annual review is now available for download

Our Board of Trustees undertake a review of the charity's acheivements and financial activities on an annual basis.

Staff and Board Updates
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Our latest magazine is now available for downloadWCFI23

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