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Wildlife Response

Wildlife Response

mickypergrine falaconWe respond to small-scale wildlife rescues where we can, often this involves wildlife around the capital - Stanley, where most of the human population is found. We have a small oiled seabird rehabilitation facility in Stanley that deals with low numbers of rescued oiled seabirds, particulalrly penguins. We do not have facilities to deal with all cases of rescued wildlife - please call our offices if you have any concerns regarding wildlife. 

Our philosophy with wildlife is to let nature take its course and not to disturb. However when man-made threats (such as oil pollution or marine debris) impact on wildlife we try to reduce the impacts to the best of our ability.

There are no facilities to deal with seals at the Falklands. Often young seals can get separated from their mums or weaned individuals that are just learning to be self-reliant are found on beaches near to Stanley. The best approach is to not disturb the animal. Please consider whether the animal looks like it really does need any intervention before calling our offices - we often are not able to respond as we don't have facilities or expertise to look after young seals. In some cases nature has to take charge.

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Rockhopper washedFalklands Conservation's Oiled Seabird Rehabilitation Facility deals with low numbers of seabirds, specifically oiled penguins. The facility is located near to the Veterinary Department in Stanley.

The Oiled Seabird Rehabilitation Facility was developed in response to a review of the Islands’ ability to deal with oiled wildlife in 2010. Falklands Conservation are able to respond to small-scale oil spills and the facility has capacity to deal with up to 20 seabirds at any one time (oiled penguins are currently the most frequently rescued wildlife that we rehabilitate).


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