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Small Grants Scheme

Small Grants Scheme


small grant

2017 Small Grants

Grants up to £1,000 are awarded for practical conservation, agri-environmental and educational projects that benefit the wildlife and environment in the Falkland Islands.

Examples of projects: 

Habitat restoration/protection for native plants through planting, management or fencing;

Restoring eroded or disturbed ground using novel or tested methods;

Control of invasive animals to reduce impacts on wildlife;

Control of invasive plants (gorse, thistle etc.) where these are damaging native habitats;

Enhancing biosecurity measures at places of wildlife importance;

Wildlife surveys, especially for nature reserves or areas of wildlife importance such as Important Bird and Plant Areas;

Provision of tourism information including signs, leaflets and guidelines at wildlife sites;  

Enhancement of wild places, nature reserves or places of biological diversity;

Environmental projects for youth and community groups e.g. creation of native plant gardens, trips to wildlife areas, tussac planting trips, awareness events.


Applications will be accepted until 15 August 2017Eligibility: Applicants should check their eligibility with Falklands Conservation (especially if you not normally a Falkland Islands resident). Work can only be carried out in the Falkland Islands. Projects should be completed within one year of award. Projects should aim to contribute towards <50% of the total cost - this can be payment in kind such as labour, fuel, food, accommodation, transport, etc.

For application forms and further information, or to discuss your project suitability please phone: 22247 or email the FC Office.

Examples of previous projects:

  1. Post baiting checks of islands where rodent eradication had been attempted – Beaver Island LandCare.

  2. Botanical survey of Mount Weddell (part of a designated Important Plant Area) at Weddell Island: Martin and Jane Beaton.

  3. Creation of a Native Falklands Garden alongside the main entrance to the school:Falkland Islands Community School.

  4. Fencing to protect an IBA site and associated native vegetation at Penguin Point, Dunbar Farm: Hugues Delignières.

  5. Fencing materials to restore eroded ground with tussac and blue grass at Sand Point, Lorenzo Farm: Michael Clarke.

  6. Visitor signage and information cards for the King Penguin colony at Volunteer Point: Derek Pettersson.

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