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Marine Debris

Marine Debris

Marine debris is accumulated junk, litter, broken fishing gear, and increasingly plastic waste that is discarded into the oceans. It can be accidentally or deliberately released from boats or blown from landfills or urban areas.

Plastic-BottleWe need your help to collect information. Through beach surveys across the Falkland Islands we will start to understand where debris on our beaches comes from, just how much there is, what the main sources, quantities and impacts are. Ultimately, marine debris will not just vanish, it will either end up washed onto coasts, or break down in the marine environment and into marine organism food chains. It also presents a risk to wildlife through entanglement or accidental ingestion. There is currently a lack of information at the Falklands to make well informed assessments or evaluate how we can better manage our waste.

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View reports, forms and guidelines for Falkland Island marine surveys