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Falkland Islands Seabird Monitoring Programme

Falkland Islands Seabird Monitoring Programme

counting 4The Falkland Islands Seabird Monitoring Programme has been around, in one form or another, for 24 years. Today, it is an annual event visiting a number of sites around the Falkland Islands to count penguins, albatrosses and petrels. The Programme provides estimates of trends in the numbers of breeding pairs, as well as breeding success, and is critical in understanding what is happening to a number of the globally significant seabird populations supported by the Islands.


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The field counts of chicks at colonies of gentoos and rockhoppers have now been completed. Thanks to all the landowners/managers who provided access and assitance!  Thanks also to the volunteers, who, as usual, had to cope with some challenging counting conditions.  Penguin figures will be published later in the year alongside those for albatross and petrels - the chick counts for which are still to be done.

counting king chickscounting rockhopper chicks

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These two penguins were spotted during the counts.  A Northern Rockhopper amongst Southern Rockhopper and a Gentoo with an interesting plumage variation.

gentoo headgentoo wholenorthern rockhopper headnorthern rockhopper whole

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In the 2012/2013 breeding season the Programme took in 11 locations and approximately 71,000 seabirds – travelling roughly 300km by boat, 2,000 km by 4 x 4 and 2,500 km by air to get round them all! The success of the work was dependent on the collaboration and contribution of landowners, farm managers and volunteers. Our thanks go out to all those involved.

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