Many fascinating birds, most of them remarkably numerous and tame, can be seen in and around the Falkland Islands. Over 220 species have been recorded: 21 are resident land birds, 18 waterbirds, 22 breeding seabirds, 18 annual non-breeding migrants and at least 140 occasional visitors. All are included in the Checklist of Falkland Birds (149kb PDF).

The Ornithological Importance of the Falkland Islands (1381kb PDF) gives a general overview of the bird populations, and Important Bird Areas describes the key sites.



Rare and Vagrant Birds Reports

The Rare and Vagrant Birds reports summarise sightings submitted to Falklands Conservation or made by the authors, volunteers and employees of Falklands Conservation during these years:

2013 (432kb PDF)  2008 (3948kb PDF) 2007 (778kb PDF) 2006 (106kb PDF)
2005 (260kb PDF) 2004 (450kb PDF) 2003 (132kb PDF) 2002 (473kb PDF)

For recent rare bird sightings and general birds of the Falklands visit these Falkland Islanders' blog sites:


Bird Study and Project Reports
Island-wide census 2010 Initial results for gentoo penguin population numbers
Southern Giant-Petrel Census Results of an Islands-wide survey conducted in 2004-05. (1.8Mb PDF)
Penguin Census Results of an Islands-wide survey of King, Gentoo, Macaroni & Rockhopper penguins in 05-06. (5.8Mb PDF)
Seabird Monitoring Programme 2008-09 trends in the populations and breeding success of Falkland seabirds. (1Mb PDF)
Striated Caracara (Johnny Rook) Results of a Falkland survey of this rare bird of prey conducted in 2006. (2.2Mb PDF)
Turkey Vulture Report Falkland Islands Report of the state of the Turkey Vulture. (919kb PDF)