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Information on Falklands Conservation, and Falkland Islands Wildlife

  • 'How You Can Support Us' LeafletDownload
  • GDPR Privacy Policy September 2019Download

Ecological Restoration, Plants, and Habitats Information and Reports.

  • Plant Code of Conduct, 2020Download
  • Notable Species List for Falklands Native PlantsDownload
  • Identification Guide to Globally & Nationally Threatened Vascular Plants of the Falkland Islands; R. Upson, 2012Download
  • Important Plant Areas of the Falkland IslandsDownload
  • Information Sheet - Checklist of native vascular plantsDownload
  • Report - Vascular plant checklist and atlas of the Falkland IslandsDownload
  • Information Sheet - Protected Plants of the Falkland IslandsDownload
  • Leaflet - Give nature a boost! Helping wildlife on your farmDownload
  • Leaflet - Tussac Grass Planting and ManagementDownload
  • Leaflet - Advice for planting bluegrass and other species from tillersDownload
  • Leaflet - Growing Native BoxwoodDownload
  • Leaflet - Habitat restoration using native seedDownload
  • Leaflet - Collecting seeds in the FalklandsDownload
  • Information Sheet - Seed Collection TimesDownload
  • Information Sheet - Growing tussac grass from seedDownload
  • Report - Habitats Restoration Field Trial Statistical ReportDownload
  • Report - Swan Inlet - Pasture RestorationDownload
  • Article - A Native Seed Hub is BornDownload
  • Article - Bluegrass for Habitat RestorationDownload
  • Article - Sheep Poop and Native Seeds for Habitat RestorationDownload

Falkland Islands Seabird Monitoring Programme and Other Avian Population Counts and Surveys

  • Falkland Islands Penguin Census 2010Download
  • Falkland Islands Penguin Census 2005Download
  • Falkland Islands Penguin Census 2000Download
  • Falkland Islands Black-browed Albatross CensusDownload
  • Falkland Islands Southern Giant Petrel Census 2015 and 2016Download
  • Falkland Islands Southern Giant Petrel Census 2004 and 2005Download
  • Falkland Islands Striated Caracara Census 2015Download
  • FIG Rockhopper Action Plan, 2014Download
  • Rare and Vagrant Birds 2017 - 2018Download
  • Rare and Vagrant Birds 2016 - 2017 full reportDownload
  • Rare and Vagrant Birds 2015 - 2016 full reportDownload
  • Rare and Vagrant Birds 2014 - 2015 full reportDownload
  • Rare and Vagrant Birds 2013 - 2014 full reportDownload

Whale, Dolphin, and Freshwater Fish Reports and Information

Falklands Conservation-owned Islands and Nature Areas

  • Guidance for visiting FC's IslandsDownload
  • 2019: South Twin, North Twin, Double, and Outer IslandsDownload
  • 2017: North, Saddle, Ship, Cliff, Knob, and Coffin IslandsDownload
  • 2017: Centre, Sal, Pyramid, Pyramid Islet, Mot, Motley, and Middle IslandsDownload
  • 2012: Middle IslandDownload
  • 2011: Survey of 35 Falklands Tussac IslandsDownload
  • 2009: Saddle IslandDownload
  • 2009: Middle IslandDownload
  • 2009: Coffin, Beef, and Ship IslandsDownload
  • 2008: North Twin and South TwinDownload
  • 2008: Outer, Double, and Harpoon IslandsDownload
  • 2006: Middle IslandDownload
  • 1997: Middle and Motley IslandsDownload

Other Reports and Information

  • Potential Salmon Farming in the FI: An Independent report for Falklands ConservationDownload
  • Marine Debris Guidelines for the Falklands 2014Download
  • An Interim Report on Marine Debris 2014Download
  • Falklands Conservation Marine Debris Survey FormDownload



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